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Birding Report: Condor Machay Falls / Anna Roos / January 2019 / Sweden

Pearled Treerunner

Machay Falls are located 45 minutes from Quito, in the Avenue of Volcanoes, with an impressive and highest waterfall of the Andes with over 60 meters high. A beautiful birding hike along River Pita with enable to discover new bird species of the Upper Mountain Forest and Paramo Region. In this tour you can observe up to 26 birds species including the beautiful Scarlet-bellied Mountain Tanager, Pearled Treerunners, Blue and Black Tanagers, Cara-Cara Nesting sites and others. 

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Birding Report in Ecuador - 15 Days/ 14 Nights - January 2019 

Birders: Anna Maria Roos and Frank Riget 

Nationality: Swedish and Danish  

Species Observed: 26

Eco-systems: Upper Mountain Forest, about 3,100 meters to 3,500 meters of altitude. 

Level of difficulty: Moderate, easy hiking along rio pita 


1. Rufous Collared Sparrow x4, 2. Yellow-Southern Grossbeak x1

3. Hooded Siskin x2

4. Black Vulture x4

5. Caranculated Cara-Cara Nest x2

6. Scarlet-bellied Mountain Tanager x8

7. White-capped Dipper x6

8. Blue and black tanager x8 

9. Andean Gull x2

10. Great Thursh x10

11. Spectacled Redstar x4

12. Rufous Napped Brush Finch x2 (Yellow-breasted Brush Finch)

13. Ground-eared Dove x9

14. Gray-breasted wood Wren x3

15. Pearled Treerunner x1

16. Harris Hawk Juvenile and Flying Adult x2

17. Sparkling Violetear x1

18. Tyrial Metaltail (f) x1

19. White-banded Tyrannulet x1

20. Rufous Spinetail x2

21. Masked Flowerpiercer x1

22. Sapphire-vented Puffleg x1

23. American Krestel x1

24. Blackish Tapaculo x2

25. Brown-bellied Swallow x10

26. Streak-throated Bush-Tyrant x2

Total Species Observed: 26

Hiking Time: 4 Hours, 8.4 kilometers. 

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