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A Pandemic Year - But, a New Hope - The Harpy Eagle Nest

Harpy Eagle


This year has been one of the hardest for all travel companies but one of the best one for the recovery of our natural ecosystems. 

On February 2021, our team spotted a Harpy Eagle Nest at Limoncocha Biological Reserve. Throughout the year we have been monitoring this rare and unique specie. Even though the location is quite remote in the Lower Amazon Basin, we were able to visit every 3 months and the evolution of the chick to a mature juvenile harpy eagle has been unique! 

Not only we can observe this rare specie at Limoncocha Reserve, but also several others in our private canoe trips in Limoncocha Lake. There are around 550 possible bird species at this location. We have included this special destination in all our Eastern Birding Packages to take advantage of this unique and fragile ecosystem. 

Luckily, we had several guests from all over the world, including Denmark, USA, Canada and Ecuador, who witness the magical moment to observe this specie. 

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